Matilda’s Ikea Duktig 2n1 Kitchen AND Cafe Hack

Now I know the IKEA Dukting play kitchen has been hacked, rehacked, and hacked again! I also know there’s thousands upon thousands of incredibly beautiful kitchen hacks all over the net (boy have I had fun falling down the virtual rabbit hole of Ikea kitchen makeovers these past couple of months!). There’s just so much incredible inspo. out there, and I hope that my 2n1 hack becomes one of the many beautiful sources of inspo for your own kitchen makeover.  

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Kids Interiors Inspiration Guide for Parents

I’m always looking for new interior inspiration, whether it be for an upcoming room restyle, a DIY hack project, or just because I’m actually totally addicted!!! I often find myself lost in online scrolling and inspo pinning, and always find myself visiting & revisiting both the Kids Interiors website and their Pinterest board. 

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Archie’s Neutral Nursery

Welcome to Archie’s nursery! Let me take you on a tour & walk (and talk) you through his dreamy space! My first thoughts when I found out I was having a baby boy (besides my initial – “What on earth do you do with little boy bits??!”) was, “Ohhh…imagine the fun I’m going to have creating a beautiful boy space”. Somewhere calm, serene and free of florals (well, almost!). BOOM! – and just like that, my mind trailed off, dreaming of coastal vibes, breezy palms, calming sages, earthy rusts, and natural pines and rattan. And that my friends, was how my vision for Archie’s nursery was born!

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